COVID-19 Ventilation Risk Assessments

Government guidance in relation to ventilation within the workplace to minimise the risk of COVID transmission has been somewhat limited to date. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has been slow in acknowledging the spread of COVID by airborne aerosol particles within poorly ventilated spaces. To date the focus has been on larger particles which drop out within the 2m social distancing zone. Aerosol scientists are expressing frustration that they are not being listened to and that more research is needed into COVID spread via airborne particles. WHO is finally starting to acknowledge these concerns due to mounting evidence and now accepts further research is required. A common point of agreement between all experts and government bodies is good ventilation is key to reducing the risk of transmission.

Davies Partnership has developed a new intelligent COVID Ventilation Risk Assessment product for assessing whether ventilation systems comply with the latest COVID Ventilation Guidance. Davies Partnership can complete a Risk Assessment survey, record existing air volumes from ventilation systems, calculate natural ventilation rates, inspect ventilation plant and equipment to ensure it is COVID compliant.

We have been working with several Clients who have struggled to get past the Ventilation Risk Assessment as part of their wider COVID Building Risk Assessment due to not having the appropriate in-house design and commissioning expertise. If this is of interest, please don’t hesitate to make contact with our Technical Director, We’re here to help in any way we can.

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