Chester Zoo

Asiatic Lions enclosure

We are delighted to have helped provide the Asiatic Lions at Chester Zoo with their new home. The enclosure is home to three of the endangered species – Iblis, Kumari and Kiburi, and has been carefully designed to recreate the dry forest and savannah habitats of the Gir Forest region in India. Because of the species being endangered with numbers drastically declining in recent years, the project was of the upmost importance for the conservation breeding programme working to boost their numbers.

With the lions being one of the zoo’s top attractions, visitors can view them like never before thanks to the new, reinforced glass windows, as well as up on the raised vantage point. Climate controlled heated dens and fully insulated walls and roofing ensure the state-of-the-art facility is environmentally friendly.

After a year planning and a year in construction, Davies Partnership, Caulmert, Harry Fairclough and Thornton Firkin were thrilled to finally finish the job and get the chance to visit ourselves.