Phil Davies is the founder and C.E.O. of Davies Partnership and takes and active role in the practice sharing his experience and valuable knowledge with the management team and maintaining relationships with key clients.

Tony McDonnell is the Company Managing Director and he provides the leadership and business strategy for the company. Leading from the front Tony has initiated a number of key processes in the practice to enable its strong track record of quality and innovation to be continued and improved.

The Design section of the practice is a core function of the business and is managed on a day to day basis by Tony and Peter Lyke (Mechanical) Director who between them have many years’ experience and practical knowledge of the industry. Tony & Peter have recruited, trained and nurtured the current team of design engineers and are proud of the new talent they have brought into the business. Our policy is to grow from within whenever possible and our training and development programme is an important part of our successful strategy.

 Davies Partnership Project Meeting

Davies Partnership Project Meeting

As part of our ISO 9001 accreditation which is audited by BSI, the design process is at the centre of our approach to delivering a high quality design, on programme and on budget. From the first enquiry we receive right through the design process and beyond our team approach and determination to exceed our clients expectations drives our engineers and generates designs that work. Each and every week all the team are involved in a programme and process meeting to carefully monitor and report on the ‘live’ status of projects which in turn provide an opportunity to update and communicate with clients and other external members of the design team.

Our approach is based on:

  • Listening – crucial to reflecting client’s needs.
  • Teamwork – we are one team pulling together.
  • Honesty and integrity – acting responsibly.
  • Performance – delivering quality work on time and on budget.
  • Ideas – If there is a better way, let’s share it in house and with the client.
  • Follow through – Questions and issues during construction – deal with them head on.
  • Project ownership – Monitor the engineering process throughout the contract.
  • Resolution – Replaces ‘no solution’ deliver answers not excuses.
  • Enthusiasm – Be just as interested at handover as day one of the appointment.

Construction projects always have unforeseen issues and challenges, we understand that is why you need us – if we accept the appointment we accept the challenge – that’s our promise to you.

If you would like to challenge us contact us today we would welcome the opportunity to deliver our promise.